1. 15 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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  4. 07 Mar, 2019 2 commits
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      Fixed set default on class as non-array · a2fb6e02
      Jamie Carl authored
      There is code out there that is setting a default value on an object definition.  For example, the field is of type Hazaar\Date and the default is an integer in epoch.  We now check if the default value is intended for an object but is a non-array and turn it into an array so that it is handled as an arg array.
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      Added static method to get the app root. · 3853726c
      Jamie Carl authored
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  8. 01 Mar, 2019 6 commits
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      Added re-render protection · 97115b5f
      Jamie Carl authored
      If setting PDF content we can now detect this and not bother trying to render the document again.  This should never happen, but it could be horrible if attempted.
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      Merge branch '164-generate-pdfs-into-a-file' into 'master' · 78918cce
      Jamie Carl authored
      Resolve "Generate PDFs into a file"
      Closes #164
      See merge request !60
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      Moved the PDF generation code into File\PDF · 051531e7
      Jamie Carl authored
      This allows us to generate PDFs as though they are files on disk.  These can still be used in controller responses and can now actually be returned directly from a controller action.  
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      Controllers can now return File objects directly · 0c5dc1c7
      Jamie Carl authored
      This is a bit of shorthand and will just turn a file into a response\file object and spit it at the browser.  This will normally initiate a file download.
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      Re-worked the File filter methods · 525bd09c
      Jamie Carl authored
      There is now both a filter_in and filter_out method.  These are private  and can not be overridden in child classes but I now have the ability to register content filters.  There are 3 types currently.  SET, IN and OUT.
      * SET is triggered when the set_content() method is called and allows child classes to modify the content before being stored in memory.
      * OUT is triggered just before the content is to be written to the backend.  This is also just before the content is encrypted (if it's going to be encrypted) as encryption should be the last thing to happen.
      * IN is triggered just after the content is read from the backend and has been decrypted if neccessary.
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